08 Apr 2013

What’s That Water on Your Floor?

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Did you go swimming for spring break? I don’t mean a trip to Padre Island — I’m talking about that unexpected water hole in your own home. Standing water on your floor is more than just a sign of a plumbing emergency; it’s a surefire way to experience structural damage, termites and toxic mold. Here are some things to troubleshoot:

Water heater woes – If you believe that water on your floor may be coming from your water heater, shut off its electrical or gas supply immediately to avoid a potential hazard. If the leak is in the heater body, shutting off the water to it may help. If the water valve itself fails to do this, you need a plumber (and a new water heater) ASAP.

Pipe problems – A leaky pipe anywhere in your plumbing systems can allow water to drip onto the floor. A quick visual inspection of the visible pipes in your house may not tell the whole story. Our experts can trace the problem back to its source, wherever that may be. For now, shut off the water supply to the whole house if necessary to keep things from getting worse.

Washer leaks – Whether it’s for dishes or for laundry, your washing appliance can spring a leak at any point during its lifespan, though older models are more likely to fail or malfunction. Shut off the water supply to the machine in question. You can either troubleshoot the internal problems yourself or call an appliance repair tech. Solutions range from a new gasket to a new pump or even a whole new washer.

Not sure where it’s coming from? Shut off the water supply to the house, use a wet vac to get that water up, and place an emergency call to Steve’s Plumbing Repair!