06 Feb 2013

Steve’s Spotlight: Forest North

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Let’s turn the old spotlight north this time — onto a nice little chunk of Northwest Austin known as Forest North.

The homes here are what we call “established” (as opposed to “brand spanking new”), and typically sell in the $150,000 to $270,000 range. One of the features that makes this area more affordable is the fact that many homes use septic systems instead of running on the city sewer lines, freeing those residents from the additional tax burden of city sewer service. Residents enjoy plentiful shopping at Round Rock Outlet Mall and Lakeline Mall, with similarly easy access to the fashionable Domain and ever-popular Arboretum. Major nearby arteries include Highways 45 and 183, helping to make the commute to work or school a breeze. And speaking of school, the kids are served by McNeil High School, Deerpark Middle School and Forest North Elementary School. All in all, a great place to settle down in a nice little house and raise a family.

Where does Steve’s Plumbing Repair enter the picture? Well, we provide service throughout the Austin area, and we’re happy to help North Forest residents as well. Many of the older homes in this neighborhood may benefit from a careful sewer line inspection or some adjustments to the water pressure. Older appliances may be consuming more water or energy than strictly necessary, in which case we can recommend and install more energy-efficient models for future savings. What about the homes that use septic tanks? Well, they obviously won’t need a sewer line inspection, since they’re not using the city sewer lines. But tank or no tank, we’re always the guys to call if you have a clogged sink, toilet or tub, or if you need any the modifications mentioned above. Don’t be shy — call us!