18 Apr 2013

Steve’s Spotlight: Cedar Park

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“Austin” has become a catch-all phrase for not only the city itself but for the general area, including surrounding cities. But the residents of Cedar Park are proud of their town, while still enjoying all the nearby benefits Austin has to offer.

Cedar Park is both a young city and a historic one, founded way back in 1887 but not actually incorporated until 1973. If you love the outdoors, you’ll love this place; its Hill Country atmosphere and more than 800 acres of parkland make it ideal for hiking, biking, swimming (even hockey, since it hosts the Texas Stars) and just enjoying some beautiful scenery. In fact, Family Circle included the town on its “Top Ten Places to Raise a Family” list. Cedar Park is also smart about water usage and green solutions. Just this March, the City was offering residents steep discounts on rain barrels as a means of encouraging conservation and raising awareness about the need to make better use of water resources.

A building boom in the 1990s saw a whole generation of new homes mushrooming all over Cedar Park. That means there are plenty of relatively new homes here of all sizes (and prices), giving the feel of a typical family-friendly suburb. The fact that it’s an attractive place to relocate in means lots of home inspections — and that often stirs up the need for a plumber. But if you think you need a “Cedar Park plumber” to attend to your local needs, think again! Steve’s Plumbing Repair is a Cedar Park plumber. We’re not based there, but we serve residents there, and everywhere else in the Austin area. So don’t confine your plumber choices to whoever happens to set up shop in Cedar Park — choose the best plumber for a satisfying long-term relationship!