26 Feb 2013

Steve’s Spotlight: Barton Hills

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If you want to live in a place with history, you could do a lot worse than one of Austin’s most well-known neighborhoods, Barton Hills. This stretch of town, which starts at Zilker Park and hugs Barton creek down to Gus Frith District Park, welcomed its first resident when William Barton set up house by the river in 1837. The Barton Hills neighborhood as we know it has been around since the 1940s, with a boom period in the 1950s resulting in an assortment of one-story ranch homes and condos. People here love the top-class schools, easy access to shopping facilities such as “Bubbaretum,” and of course the beautiful natural surroundings.

Living so close to one of the town’s most popular creeks is very attractive to residents — but not necessarily so great for their homes. Back in William Barton’s day, easy access to a water supply was a godsend, but these we rely on our kitchen and bathroom plumbing to handle that need. And while Barton Creek doesn’t normally pose a threat to the neighborhood except in times of really extreme weather, the creek has experienced what the National Weather Service classifies as “major flooding” on several occasions — and four out its five peak recorded crests have occurred in the last couple of decades.

The combination of aging homes and repeated floods means that if you’re looking to buy one of these places, you should get it thoroughly inspected first — and that includes the plumbing system. Old, overstressed sewer lines, pipes, and appliances can fail without warning. So if you’d prefer not to have an all-new creek running along your expensive carpeting or flooring, contact Steve’s Plumbing Repair. We’ll make sure your Barton Hills Home provides plenty of water — but through the tap, not around your feet!