08 Mar 2013

Springtime, and the Tree Roots Are in Bloom!

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Everybody loves the spring, and not just because of school vacations or South By Southwest. Those few cold days we have to endure here (don’t you love living in Texas?) start to fade away, leaves start to appear on the trees, flowers bloom. New life is everywhere. But this isn’t always a good thing — at least, not where your plumbing system is concerned.

We associate springtime with renewed plant growth. That’s great news for your garden, but not for your sewer line. If you live in an older neighborhood, your sewer line may be made of old, inferior pipe material such as Orangeburg or Claytile, and tree roots will grow right through this stuff. When this happens, you not only get cracks and breaks in your pipe, causing a huge loss of water efficiency, but you might even end up with a total blockage that causes the line to burst. Fortunately, our team at Steve’s Plumbing Repair has a state-of-the-art fiber optic cable system that lets us inspect the line and catch tiny problems before they become big headaches. And if we see that your line is made of old, fragile material that’s bound to fail sooner or later, we can replace with sturdy, reliable PVC.

Do mold allergies bug you this time of year? Mold can do a lot worse than that — it can form around leaks in your pipes, often inside the walls where you’d never see it. Some kinds of mold, like the infamous black mold, are highly toxic. Meanwhile, the water damage is destroying the wooden beams. You can beat springtime to the punch, and protect your home and your family, by having us inspect your pipes for leaks. If we see mold, we’ll let you know so you can it professional removed.

Enjoy your spring — with the help of Steve’s Plumbing Repair!