03 Apr 2013

New Business Site? Get That Plumbing Inspected!

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Opening a new business site is exciting, but it can also introduce some new problems of the plumbing variety. Make sure these items get checked out:

Grease traps – Make sure your new restaurant’s grease traps, mop sinks, kitchen drains, dishwashers, and other industrial plumbing fixtures are up to the task. These items see really hard use on a daily basis, so older ones may need unclogging, replacing or repairing. We can do whatever work is needed to keep you serving your patrons.

Sewer lines – If your sewer lines are leaking water, your business will be bleeding money until you get that problem fixed. This is one of those items that may not be apparent without the use of special tools such as fiber-optic cameras, so place a call to us and find out where your sewer lines stand.

Toilets – I don’t care what industry you’re in, nothing will disgust your visitors faster than a blocked-up or overrunning toilet. Your public image can’t afford to let this kind of problem continue; you need a regular plumber standing ready to respond to emergencies quickly and efficiently.

Mold/mildew – Dark discolorations on walls, around baseboards, or wherever water likes to collect may be signs of mold and mildew. This stuff not only grosses out your employees and customers, but could indicate that you have a leak somewhere. “Black mold” is known to be extremely toxic, so let a mold remediation specialist deal with it.

Wood damage – If you see suspiciously crumbly wood anywhere in your prospective site, you could be looking at the effects of water damage and/or termite infestations. But the real danger is damage to the wooden beams that are keeping your building from falling down.

Trust Steve’s Plumbing Repair to help your building stay in business!