07 Nov 2011

Is your water pressure too high?

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Here’s a quick pop quiz for you: Do you know what water pressure your plumbing system currently has? If you don’t know, you need to find out — because too much pressure could mean trouble.

What’s the big deal about water pressure? For one thing, higher pressure puts more stress on your plumbing system. Supply lines and pipes, toilet components, water hoses and other links in the chain can handle just so much pressure, and if they burst on you, then you’re looking at major flooding and big-time repairs. Excess water pressure can also get you in trouble with the city. Here in Austin you’re required to limit your water pressure to 65 pounds max.

So now that you know that you’re supposed to keep your water pressure under a certain level, do you even know what your current level is? If there’s no way to tell, or if you know it’s too high, then you may need to install a PRV (pressure reducing valve) at your water meter — in fact, the city will require it if you’re running high. This valve gives you the ability to monitor and adjust the water pressure to your home. Problem solved!

If you need a PRV installation for your plumbing system, or if you have no clue whether you need one or not, play it safe and call Steve’s Plumbing Repair. We’ll come out and check your water pressure with a gauge, and if it’s running above 65 pounds we’ll get a city permit to install a PRV and the thermal expansion tank that goes with it. When we install the valve, we’ll set it at exactly 65 pounds so you can “set it and forget it.” Let us relieve the pressure — in more ways than one!