29 Nov 2012

Got Wood Rot? Could Be a Plumbing Problem

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If your home has wooden components in it, make sure you don’t have any little plumbing problems dampening that wood, or you may be in for a really rotten time.

Mold, of course, loves water, and it’ll destroy the wood in your home as well. The infamous “black mold” can destroy your health even while it’s destroying your home. And every homeowner dreads seeing the words “dry rot” on a home inspector’s report. By the way, don’t let the name fool you; dry rot requires wet wood, not just wood, to do its dirty work. Wood affected by dry rot may become weak enough to collapse even before you can see a problem.

Pests commit their share of wood rot crimes as well. The dampwood termite is a great example. These termites don’t care about dry wood — they zero in on the wet stuff, especially if there’s a constant leak keeping it wet all the time. Dampwood termites mostly inhabit the West Coast, but they attack homes in the Southwest too. Another wood destroyer that thrives on a damp environment is the carpenter ant. These ants tend to gather any source of moisture in your home, including plumbing leaks. If you let a full-sized colony develop around your leaky pipes or fixtures, you may see significant wood damage over time.

The answer to all these problems is pretty obvious — don’t let the wood in or around your home stay damp! Plumbing leaks may go unnoticed for years until one day you realize that the wood in your home has rotted away. Don’t wait until you have to make substantial home renovations; call Steve’s Plumbing Repair and let us conduct a thorough inspection of your plumbing system. Fixing a small leak now could prevent big (and expensive) problems later!